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In years past, whenever my own schedule was full, people would ask me to recommend another local teacher. It was difficult for me to do so in good conscience. Don’t get me wrong- I knew some amazing drum teachers in NY…but they exclusively worked with advanced students. I didn’t know another local teacher who could take a complete beginner and reliably turn them into a capable drummer. In fact, on several occasions, students transferred to me after years of unproductive lessons with other instructors. I generally needed to start over from scratch with those students.

Creating The Team

Because of this situation, I decided to personally TRAIN another outstanding teacher who could work with me in offering drum lessons based on my curriculum. I confidently recruited Brian Del Guercio. Brian is an exceptional drummer with decades of drumming experience. He is also friendly, reliable, and easy to work with. I have been teaching and developing my curriculum since 1996. Students of mine have ended up playing in bands, doing tours, recording albums, being featured in commercials, being featured on movie soundtracks, and so on, and so on. It is clear that my curriculum works. I am thrilled to now have Brian helping me to offer this curriculum to as many students as possible.

Brian in the studio. Click to read Brian’s bio.

By taking lessons with Brian, you will have a teacher who…

…was hand-picked by me out of several hundred drummers that I know in NY.

…was personally trained by me to offer a very specific, time-tested curriculum.

…stays in contact with me and will keep me posted on your progress.

…has been playing drums for many, many years.

…is easygoing and personable.

…is punctual and respectful of your time.

…keeps track of what you are covering in your lessons.

…offers lessons in a studio that is fully equipped with 2 drumsets.

…charges a fee that is very reasonable for the level of instruction offered.

…drums extremely well and can clearly demonstrate the techniques you are working to develop.

…will make sure that you are learning the skills required for today’s drumming.

…loves drumming, and is committed to creating a fun and positive drumming experience for you!

***Lessons with Brian can be purchased on the Get Started page.


If you have any questions about taking lessons with Brian, please feel free to contact me using the form below. I will respond to answer your questions within 24 hours. Thanks so much!

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