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Choose Your Teacher

I want your drum lesson experience to be the absolute best that it can be. That means choosing the teacher who is most appropriate for your personality as well as your current abilities and goals. This page will help you to do that!


LEE would be an excellent drum teacher for you if…

* You are a complete beginner (Lee is extremely patient and friendly, with a talent for putting new drummers at ease)

* Rock is your #1 favorite music (Lee is a terrific rock drummer who has played numerous rock club gigs over the years)

* You somehow got the false idea that drumming is only for men (As a wonderful drummer who also happens to be a woman, Lee will crush that idea quickly)


BRIAN would be an excellent drum teacher for you if…

* You have already tried to learn drumming for a brief time and are unsure how to proceed (Brian is great at explaining concepts and putting students on the right track)

* You are a fan of many music styles ranging from R&B to Rock to Funk (Brian likes numerous music styles and is familiar with the drummers who are famous for those styles)

* You feel that your hands and feet are not working properly (Brian has unusually good hand technique and foot technique and knows how to teach those skills)


I myself (MATT) would be an excellent drum teacher for you if…

* You have already been drumming for many years but never really unlocked your potential (I have been very successful at helping students to break through previous barriers)

* You have struggled with your bass drum skills for many years and are finally ready to try a different approach (Since 2004, I have been internationally recognized as an expert on bass drum technique)

* You are still new to drumming but are willing to practice your assignments for numerous hours per week because you have a strong sense that drumming is a big part of your life’s “mission” (That may sound extreme, but it has actually come up a few times over the years, and I have successfully coached these intense students from the beginner stage right up to a professional level)


Of course, the teacher guidelines listed above are very brief and simplified. The relationship between a teacher and student is a unique one, and it can only be discovered and developed during actual lessons. Therefore, the best thing to do is use your instinct to choose a teacher and simply get started. You really can’t choose wrong, since all of my drum teachers are excellent. If they weren’t…then they certainly would not be part of my team!

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