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My Bio

Drum Lessons NY - DVD shoot 3The following is a brief summary of key points about my drumming and teaching background.

As a drummer and drum teacher, I…

…have played professional drums within rock, jazz, and musical theatre.

…have toured extensively, performing in 33 states plus a handful of overseas locations.

…studied drumming with 22 different teachers. About half of them were long-term mentors of mine.

…began teaching drum lessons in New York City in 1996.

…have been one of New York City’s leading drum instructors since 2001.

…have personally taught over 600 private students…and counting!

…have taught thousands and thousands of individual lessons…far too many to count at this point!

…have written educational drumming articles that have been published in Modern Drummer magazine.

…released an instructional drum DVD in 2005 that has received praise from numerous drumming greats, including Steve Smith, David Garibaldi, and others.

…was contacted in 2005 by one of the world’s most famous rock drummers so that I could help him to improve his foot technique.

…have developed a unique teaching approach that is unusually effective, unusually thorough, and unusually fun!

…strive to bolster my students’ passion for drumming while helping them to develop the skills and the confidence to express their own musical creativity.

…love drumming, and therefore, my students end up loving drumming as well!

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