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Frequently Asked Questions

Drum Lessons NY - DVD shoot 2For those who would like to learn as much as possible about taking drum lessons with me, this page features an extremely thorough question-and-answer list. Click on any of the questions below to read my in-depth response.

What sets you apart from other drum instructors?

But don’t all drum instructors cover the same stuff?

What is your teaching approach?

Were you ever in a band?

Did you ever teach anybody famous?

Do you work with students on playing actual songs?

Drummers don’t actually read music, do they?

What kind of music do you like?

Can you teach me to play punk? Or reggae? Or deathmetal? Or…???

Is it possible to take lessons with you even if I don't live in New York?

Who’s the best drummer ever?

How long before I’m really good?

What if I discover that I’m not talented at drumming?

Do you think I’m too old to learn drumming?

Is it OK if I never played drums at all before?

What if I’ve already played drums for a long time? Will you make me start over from the beginning?

How do you coordinate the feet with the hands? Isn't that incredibly difficult?

If I sign up for lessons, will I be your only female student?

Can you teach my 3 year old to play drums? I want to get him started early.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Should I prepare for my first lesson by practicing some stuff I learned on YouTube?

Where are the lessons held?

How much does it cost?

What do I need to purchase for the lessons?

Will I need to buy a drumset?

What is your teaching schedule?

What if I need to cancel or change the time of a scheduled lesson?

I definitely want to sign up for lessons. What should I do?

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