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    Or of playing the drums better? If so, you've come to the right place! Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, the Private Lesson Starter Program will provide you with expert drumming instruction from one of the leading drum teachers in New York City!

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  • Wanna ROCK?

    When Tricia first signed up for drum lessons, she was a complete beginner. Now she has toured around the country with her band, GraveYard Lovers. Find out how you can begin your own rock drumming journey!

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  • Scared of sheet music?

    Zoe started with me as a complete beginner. These days, she is playing the drums great and is the most advanced reader of all my students. Find out how you can learn to read like Zoe!

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  • Know someone who wants to drum?

    MC received a gift certificate for some drum lessons with me in 2006. She loved it so much that she remained a student of mine until she became a new mom in 2014! To give someone a gift they'll never forget, check out my GIFT CERTIFICATES.

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  • How far will you take your drumming?

    Claudel started working with me in 2004, and he continued weekly lessons until I graduated him in late 2012! Over those 8 and a half years, I watched him grow into a drummer of STARTLING ability. Found out how you can follow in his footsteps!

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  • Curious about JAZZ?

    Like most of my students, I started out with a desire to play only rock. Eventually, I ended up gigging with some well-known jazz musicians. Find out how you can benefit from the things I learned in the process!

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  • Wish your foot had power and speed?

    In recent years, my personal bass drum concepts have garnered praise from drumming greats such as Steve Smith and David Garibaldi. Find out what some expert guidance can do for your foot and your overall drumming ability!

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Matt Ritter Drum Lessons In New York City

Sean Drum Lessons QuoteWelcome to my Drum Lessons NY website! My name is Matt Ritter. If you have a dream of playing the drums, or of playing the drums better, I can help you achieve it! Since it could easily take hours to read all of my website pages, I will offer a brief overview here. I first began teaching drum lessons in New York, NY in 1996. Since then, I have personally worked with over 600 students and taught many thousands of drum lessons. Many of my students have been complete beginners hoping to learn to play the drums. On the other end of the spectrum, I have also given drum lessons to professional NYC drummers, an indie rock star, a Latin Grammy Award nominee, and a major international drumming celebrity. Whatever the level and goals of the individual student, I strive to make all of my drum lessons productive and fun. My aim is always to provide the absolute best drum lessons in New York, NY!

I currently offer drum lessons in 2 different NYC locations. One is midtown Manhattan. The other is Long Island City, Queens, which is just a few subway stops from Grand Central Station. To get started, feel free to browse through the info on my Get Started page. Or, if you prefer, simply send me an email through the Contact page. I will personally respond to you within 24 hours to answer any questions you might have or to help you start lessons as smoothly as possible.

Thanks for visiting my Drum Lessons NY website! I look forward to meeting you. Happy drumming!


When I first started offering drum lessons in New York City back in 1996, my vision was to provide high quality drumming instruction wrapped in a friendly and uplifting experience. In fact, I posted flyers around NY and ran newspaper ads with a headline that said "Drumming Is Fun!" These days, the Internet has made flyers and newspaper ads obsolete. But there is one thing that hasn't changed at all since 1996 - my core belief that a person can learn exceptional drumming skills while having a blast in the process! To experience it for yourself, visit my Get Started page.


With the flexibility of my scheduling and pricing, EVERYONE can afford an expert instructor. It's pointless to settle for a teacher with only a few years of teaching experience simply because "they're cheap." That will only slow you down and cost you more money in the long run. It's not necessary! I give my students complete control over their budget by allowing them to set the frequency of their lessons. Some attend every week, and others attend only once or twice per month. I also offer package deals as well as special options for new students. Find out more at Get Started.


Regardless of how fun and flexible someone's drum lessons are, there remains the question "...but is the actual drumming education good?" When studying with me, you can rest assured that the answer is "HECK YEAH!" If a person does something for thousands of hours, they're bound to become pretty darn good at it. I have taught somewhere between 10,000 and 11,000 lesson hours since 1996, and it really shows. Many of my students have gone on to play in bands and work as professional drummers. To see just how far you can take your drumming, visit Get Started.

Have you been “YouTubed”?

A person learning the drums today has access to many resources that didn't exist a few years ago. One notable example is YouTube. If used carefully and sparingly, this can be a nice tool for picking up drum tips. Unfortunately...for many aspiring drummers, this resource has ended up doing more harm than good. In my teaching studio, I have recently seen numerous incoming students who had wasted months or years trying to learn the drums exclusively by watching random YouTube clips! Talk about carrying a good thing too far! Without personalized feedback, and without a logical progression of topics, these students had misinterpreted countless fundamental drumming principles. The bad habits they developed had actually left them in worse shape than some of my complete beginners! Luckily, they reached out for help before giving up on drumming altogether. If any of this sounds like you, don't wait another minute. Go straight to my Get Started page, and get the assistance of a real, live, human drum teacher. I can help! Untangling people who have been "YouTubed" is becoming a specialty of mine!  

TRIVIA: Did you know that Matt was the writer and producer of the world-famous bass drum technique video, Unburying The Beater???
TRIVIA: Did you know that a major drumming superstar took 2 lessons with Matt so that he could learn Matt's unique bass drum techniques???
TRIVIA: Did you know that Matt still owns and uses the Pearl drumset that he bought back in 1991???  He also uses Tama drums and Zildjian cymbals.
TRIVIA: Did you know that Matt is an official endorser of Vic Firth drumsticks???
TRIVIA: Did you know that Matt's bass drum DVD received a full-length review at TheParadiddler.com, which is a top-notch drumming blog???
TRIVIA: Did you know that Matt has written educational drumming articles for Modern Drummer magazine???

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